Title Presenter(s) Year Sort ascending Affiliate Institution Paper
Risk Propagation in Multi-layer Networks for Credit Scoring María Óskarsdóttir, Cristián Bravo 2021 Reykjavík University Download Abstract (Word)
DEA Slack Based Macro-Micro Reverse Stress Testing of Commercial Banks Chen Feng, Zhiyong Li, Chen Feng 2021 Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Download Paper (Word) / Download Slides (PDF)
Bayesian Approach in LGD Estimations Aneta Ptak-Chmielewska, Paweł Kopciuszewski 2021 ING Tech Poland Download Abstract (Word)
Can Your Customer Afford Additional Credit? Understanding Consumer Capacity Rebecca Oakes 2021 Equifax Canada Download Abstract (Word)
Modelling Prepayment Factor for Optimising EAD and ECL Under IFRS 9: Research and the Case Study Dmytro Kolechko 2021 Vietnam Prosperity Bank Download Abstract (Word)
Effects of Connectivity on Challenges in SME Access to Finance Antonia Gieschen, Raffaella Calabrese, Belen Martin-Barragan, Jake Ansell 2021 University of Edinburgh Download Abstract (Word)
PSD2 Explainable AI Model for Credit Scoring Neus Llop Torrent, Giorgio Visani, Enrico Bagli 2021 Politecnico di Milano, Graduate School of Business Download Abstract (Word)
Protecting the Foundation: Retaining Your Mortgage Portfolio Rebecca Oakes 2021 Equifax Canada Download Abstract (Word)
Causal Regularisation for Stable Scoring Card Model Kun Li, Fanglan Zheng, Jiang Tian, Xiaojia Xiang 2021 Everbright Technology Download Abstract (Word) / Download Paper (Word)
Building Resilient AI Systems That You Can Trust Terisa Roberts, Bilal Yurdakul 2021 SAS Institute Download Abstract (Word)
Spelling Errors and Non-standard Language in Peer-to-Peer Loan Applications and the Borrower’s Probability of Default Michelle Seng Ah Lee, Jatinder Singh 2021 University Of Cambridge Download Abstract (Word) / Download Paper (Word)
“Surprise, We Are Bankrupt”: Finding Short-Term Unexpected Bankruptcies Rebecca Oakes 2021 Equifax Canada Download Abstract (Word)
PSD2: Is It Time to Replace Traditional Behavioural Scorecards? Anastasis Rossides 2021 Bank Of Cyprus Download Abstract (Word)
A Data-Driven Optimization of Field Debt Collection through Visit Plan Automation Mohammad Aprialdi Rizky Pratama, Athiratt Jarnyaharn, Raymond Au, Muhammad Novario Ekaputra 2021 OVO Download Abstract (Word) / Download Paper (Word)
Self Organising Maps (SOMs) for Multiple Scores Marcus Bruhn, Swathi Veeravelly, Warren Du Preez 2021 Equifax Download Abstract (Word)

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