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Covid-19 Impact Score Maxim Fetisov 2021 Creditinfo Group Download Abstract (Word) / Download Paper (Word)
Quantifying Model Shifts and Model Risks Alan Forrest 2021 Virgin Money UK Download Abstract (Word)
Responsible AI Shafi Rahman, Scott Zoldi 2021 FICO Download Abstract (Word)
Adjusting Loss Reserves for Model Selection Risk Joseph Breeden, Nikolay Dobrinov 2021 Prescient Models LLC Download Abstract (Word) / Download Paper (Word)
Are We Living in an Illusion? A Fresh Look at the Importance of Bank Capital in the Quest for Stability Fernando Moreira 2021 University Of Edinburgh Business School Download Abstract (Word)
Developing Fair Risk Scoring Models Gero Szepannek 2021 Stralsund University Of Applied Sciences Download Abstract (Word)
Adding Open Banking Depth of Insight to Credit Risk Analytics Shafi Rahman, Scott Zoldi 2021 FICO Download Abstract (Word)
Creating a Real-Time Fraud Prevention System Using Linkage Approach Natalia Lyarskaya, Sarvesh Pradhan, Asif Ali 2021 ZestMoney Download Abstract (Word)
Credit Scoring Methods: Latest Trends and Points to Consider Anton Markov, Zinaida Seleznyova 2021 Higher School Of Economics Download Abstract (Word) / Download Paper (Word)
An Empirical Look at Psychometric-Based Credit Scoring Saul Fine 2021 Innovative Assessments Download Abstract (Word)
Soft Segmentation Archetype Credit Risk Analytics Shafi Rahman, Scott Zoldi 2021 FICO Download Abstract (Word)
Predicting Customer Lifetime Value Using Machine Learning Models and Monte-Carlo Simulation Natalia Lyarskaya, Sarvesh Pradhan, Asif Ali, Rishabh Agarwal, Arihant Jain 2021 ZestMoney Download Abstract (Word)
On the Development of Repeated Measure Models for Predictive Credit Scoring Howard Hamilton, Jeffery Dugger 2021 Equifax Download Abstract (Word) / Download Paper (Word) / Download Slides (PDF)
Local Explanations of Machine-Learning Credit Scores in Practice Olle Engdegard, Yuxiang Luo, Filip Matz 2021 UC/Enento Download Abstract (Word)
Adaptive Credit Scoring Using Local Classification Methods Dimitris Nikolaidis, Evangelia Pippa, Michalis Doumpos 2021 Technical University Of Crete Download Abstract (Word)

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