CRC is an impartial research group devoted to the study of credit. It is independent of credit granting organisations and engages in both theoretical and highly applied research of interest to all stakeholders in the industry, including lenders, credit suppliers, credit scoring organisations, borrowers and government agencies.


Founded in 1997, the Credit Research Centre has an international reputation for the quality of its research and is almost unique amongst UK university departments in conducting research into different aspects of the provision of consumer credit.

From a position of neutrality, it provides specialist advice to different members of the industry and comments on industrial practices and the social implications of the distribution and provision of credit.

The Credit Research Centre concentrates on credit risk modelling especially consumer credit, but also focuses on corporate risk modelling and economics aspects of credit including the demand for credit.

Mission statement

The mission of the Credit Research Centre is to conduct research into theory and practices of all aspects of credit, and especially consumer credit, to the highest possible standards.

This mission is supported by a set of objectives:

  • To pursue funding opportunities to enable such work to be carried out
  • To communicate research findings to a wide audience by means of organised conferences, working papers and conference attendance
  • To act as an agent to the diffusion of ideas, concepts, theories, innovations and expertise relevant to the provision, distribution and demand for credit
  • To provide impartial analysis of any research problem regardless of funding source

Further information