7 May 2020

This PhD studentship is a collaborative venture within the Edinburgh Futures Institute’s Baillie Gifford scholarship programme.

Global investment firm Baillie Gifford has dedicated funding to support research into the ethical challenges posed by the growing use of data and artificial intelligence. As part of this initiative, the University of Edinburgh welcomes applications in the topic of ‘Fair and Ethical Credit Decisions’, supervised by Galina Andreeva (Business School) and Michael Rovatsos (School of Informatics).

While the selected student will be supervised by the University of Edinburgh Business School, they will also have the opportunity to take part in collaborative cohort activities as one of five PhD students in the Edinburgh Futures Institute’s (EFI) Baillie Gifford scholarship programme in the Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence.

We are looking for someone with a good background in one or more of the following areas:

  • Statistics
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Computer Science
  • Informatics
  • Financial Modelling

This particular project employs mixed methods of quantitative and qualitative research. Yet candidates with background in only one area (qual or quants) are encouraged to apply if they are willing to learn additional skills.

The studentship includes full tuition fee coverage for up to 4 years, with a yearly stipend at UKRI rates (estimated to be approximately £15,245) and an annual research budget of £2,000.

Deadline is 12 noon, 15 May 2020.

Interested candidates may also want to read a recent paper relevant to the project topic: