Title Presenter(s) Year Sort ascending Affiliate Institution Paper
Understanding Economic Benefits of Combining Credit Scorecards Blazej Kochanski 2021 Gdansk University Of Technology Download Abstract (Word)
Gender Discrimination in Algorithmic Decision-making Anna Matuszyk, Galina Andreeva 2021 Warsaw School of Economics Download Abstract (Word) / Download Slides (PDF)
A Novel Approach for Credit Scoring Using Deep Neural Networks With Bank Transactions Data Giacomo Graffi, Giorgio Visani, Enrico Bagli, Federico Chesani 2021 CRIF SPA Download Abstract (Word)
Time-Dependent Survival Model Combined with Complex Network: Evidence from Corporate Bond Default Data in China Feng Shen, Run Wang 2021 Southwestern University Of Finance And Economics Download Abstract (Word)
Harnessing Marketing Attribution Techniques to Improve Collections Strategies Pete Sewart 2021 Jaywing Download Abstract (Word)
Revisiting the Dualism of “Point-in-Time” and “Through-the-Cycle” Credit Risk Models Bernhard Eder 2021 University Of Innsbruck Download Abstract (Word) / Download Paper (Word)
Automatic Re-weighting of Mobile Lending Scorecards Naeem Siddiqi, Catherina Van der Merwe, Simran Padam 2021 SAS Institute Download Abstract (Word) / Download Slides (PDF)
Great Expectations: Raising Standards in a Crisis Helen McNab, Gerard Scallan 2021 Scoreplus Download Abstract (Word)
A New MIDAS Approach for Predicting Corporate Credit Rating Levels Leonie Tabea Goldmann, Raffaella Calabrese, Jonathan Crook 2021 University Of Edinburgh Download Abstract (Word)
On the Implementation of the New Definition of Default (NDoD) Within the IFRS 9 Impairment Methodological Framework Ferdinand Paraguas, Bart de Boer, Yohann Tinkeu 2021 BNP Paribas Personal Finance BV Download Abstract (Word)
Integrating Textual Information With Classifier Ensembles for Financial Distress Prediction Zhipeng Zhang 2021 Dalian University Of Technology Download Abstract (Word)
Heterogeneous Graph Attentive Network for Credit Scoring in a Super App Environment Jaime D. Acevedo-Viloria, Carlos Valencia, Alejandro Correa-Bahnsen, David Zarruk 2021 Rappi Download Abstract (Word)
Fairness in Credit Scoring: Assessment, Implementation, and Profit Implications Stefan Lessmann, Nikita Kozodoi 2021 Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Download Abstract (Word)
Using Borrower Resilience to Inform Strategies Across the Credit Lifecycle and Across the Economic Cycle Gerald Fahner, David Binder 2021 FICO Download Abstract (Word)
Predicting Loss Given Default Using Post-Default Information Xiao Yao, Ke Li, Fanyin Zhou, Zhiyong Li, Yashu Zhang 2021 Central University Of Finance And Economics China Download Abstract (Word)

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